A little bet about a little game.

Elena Tucker
5 min readAug 2
I still haven’t figured out those boxing bears.

I have a bet going with my husband, Jeff — it’s about a silly bet about a little game played on a smartphone. Let me explain.

The game is called Sticky Bodies, from Q-Games and Pixel Junk. No, I get no moneys if anyone reading this decides to play this game. I do believe the game is free, although there is a one-time purchase (mine was so long ago, I’ve forgotten about it, until I started researching, then someone mentioned it). The premise is simple, although bizarre. Little figures, looking like paper dolls we used to dress in paper clothing, fall down. When they reach another little figure, they connect, or stick, to it. You, the player, control their flight side to side, to a degree, as you guide them with your finger on the screen, trying to connect them to as many other little figures as possible. The idea is getting them all to fall into the open mouth of a large head waiting for them at the bottom. That’s right — they are to be swallowed, and the more of them that are to be swallowed up, the better the score. You can even make them go faster, although they are then more difficult to control.

However, there are ways to improve the score. There are pies and sausages in the way, and as the figures fly through them, they are “consumed” and raise the score (as well as put you up on the leaderboards). There are hula hoops to go through — that also raises the score. Kicked soccer balls help. Animals accosted (mostly sheep), vehicles wrecked (cars and ships), creatures thrashed along the way also count, although that is a proverbial double-edged sword. As you hit them, they can dislodge people from the chain created, removing points.

Have I mentioned that the game takes place in England? Have I mentioned the graphics could be describe as fairly Monty Python-ish? Oh yes, it does my Anglophile heart good as I travel, starting from Land’s End, through Oxford and London, Ipswich, Cambridge, Nottingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Lancaster, Newcastle upon Tyne and others, into Scotland, through Edinburgh and Glasgow, Stirling, Aberdeen, Loch Ness (hitting Nessie produces interesting roars and breaks the creature apart into man-made parts), on to Inverness, and then we finish up at John o’ Groats. I didn’t name all the places in England, but the idea is understood.

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