All-purpose, generic mope session.

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This is not a blog. This isn’t an article. What this is, unfortunately, my little mope session about the fact that I cannot think of writing anything about my life right now that is not totally generic. I am also strongly drawn to starting this piece with the faux-dramatic: “In these turbulent, unprecedented times …”

The thing about being in the same boat as the rest of the world, is that it’s difficult to be original. Screw my desire of thinking of myself as unique as a snowflake — we are all, right now, the same, exact pebble.

Perhaps I am feeling so uninspired that I sailed beyond cynical and have drifted into simpleton. I know that the times call for something lighter, or something distracting. But I don’t feel like diving quite that deeply — that would require so much more energy that I can manage at this moment.

I’m not depressed (well, no more than anyone else). I am tired, though. I am supposed to eat right and exercise today, but it’s already late, right now … so I’m going to say, “I am not going to go against the tide at this second. I’m going to have an ice cream because I just remembered that I still have an ice cream in my freezer. Tomorrow I will not, most definitely not, have an ice cream, because tomorrow I will not have any ice cream in the freezer.”

This afternoon I received an Amazon package. What did I order? Oh, yeah, I got two more masks. These are the best ones so far — they come to a point away from my face, allowing more breathability. I see by the label in Chinese, that they are from China (ironic much. I threw them into the washer. They should be clean and dry tomorrow, just in time for me to wear for going to the store.

I also decided I am not going to go for a walk tomorrow morning because I intend to sleep until 11 am. That’s because it’s already after midnight, and I’m still not done with this mope session. And after 11 am, I won’t go for a walk either, because the temperature is going to soar into 100 degrees. Um, thanks, but that’s the weather from hell, and I am not leaving my house — yup, I know, my air-conditioned privilege is showing. It’s not that I have been leaving my house that much anyway. There’s too much bread to be baked, and galettes to create. There’s nothing like being different when you are part of a crowd, and this is nothing like it.

Good night.

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Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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