An idiot dreams of snow…

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View from my son’s window today, 10/29/19

There’s a Russian saying, when someone has a misguided desire that comes to fruition: Idiot’s dream has come true.

Lately, I have been dreaming of a snow day, the way kids dream about having a day off from school. I longed for piles of snow; on ground and on the tree branches (on the brown leaves, in our case, because this has been such a warm, dry autumn that the leaves didn’t really turn colors, but rather turned brown and started falling off). I was dreaming of snow on the bushes, the fences and rooftops.

I know, I know, I write about the weather a great deal. Trust me, it’s not because I don’t have other things to write about — I do. It’s because I truly love inclement weather, rain preferably, but absolutely snow as well.

Idiot’s dream has come true. The day before yesterday it snowed about 5 inches, and although the temperature was around freezing, it got even colder yesterday. The sun came out, but it warmed up the air about as much as a light bulb in the refrigerator. Then, today, the temperature hovered about 20 degrees below freezing, and still, despite the deep freeze, it continued to snow. And it snowed, and is still snowing right now, even though we are in single digits Fahrenheit.

Yesterday, my son’s school had a late start. Today, my son’s high school got dismissed two hours earlier, though personally, I believe they should have had a snow day. And snow isn’t going to stop until tomorrow morning, plus the highest temperature is still going to be more than 10 degrees below freezing. If the school doesn’t get cancelled, I will be amazed.

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Our back yard today, 10/29/19

I don’t think I am going to going into the Russian Books and Videos store tomorrow. If anyone has a desperate need to either buy a book, a wooden tchotchke or send a package to the old country — they will just have to wait one extra day. Instead, I am going to sleep in, and maybe, for exercise, shovel the driveway (unless my family does it today). Or maybe I’ll put on my new boots, because I am now super hopeful and hyped about this year’s early winter, and go for a little walk. This idea makes me so happy I’m drooling a little bit. I’ll have to drool indoors, though, because outside, it would immediately freeze. And then, as I love to do on snowy days, I want to drink sweet hot tea, sit by the fireplace, and watch the snow fall. It sounds like a lovely day for me — throw in some writing in there, and it would be ideal.

Sure, my desire for snow has a byproduct of bringing a whole city to a stand-still. No businesses open, very little traffic, and maybe no school on a Wednesday. But this idiot is so happy right now, she can dance all the way through our winter wonderland. Happy snow day to me!

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