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An average, charming house on Main Street of Breckenridge, Colorado

It has been a year, and now I am back. Everything is the same, except things are different. We are back in Breckenridge, Colorado.

I have written about visiting Breckenridge before (blatant plug for my earlier Medium article). This is a yearly trip, and, again, the children are coming with us. However, this time is different — they are driving themselves from Denver. As we have been coming here almost every year for more than a decade, they know the way.

Like most mountain towns, Breckenridge is very dog friendly. Every street has at least one store that has a doggie water dish outside of it. I often wish we could bring our dogs here, but they are not really that friendly — one doesn’t like people, and the other doesn’t like dogs (other than the one she lives with). It’s a perfect dog storm of a combination. The kids and I often stop and ask people if we can pet their dogs, then get our doggie love on.

I don’t bring a lot of money to the town. I already have t-shirts, sweatshirts, key chains and stickers coming out of my ears. What more can I possibly buy? Well… there is the Space Cowboy store in Breck, and they sell rock & roll t-shirts, Grateful Dead-esque items, cool stickers, and other stuff/paraphernalia (not hard stuff, not actual pot). There are weird and wonderful things here, thing that are new and interesting, from clothing to buttons to magnets.

Primarily, I come for the weather. Here, in the higher elevation, the highs are at least 20 degrees cooler. Because there is more rainfall here, the aspens are already turning yellow (as opposed to the trees in Denver, where it is so dry that the leaves are just turning brown and falling off). I come for the cold nights and the possibility of rain or even snow — there has been several times when it snowed up here while the temperature hovered in the 80s in Denver. Plus, when it gets dark, we can actually see stars — many, many stars! It’s nearly miraculous in its beauty.

And I can write here, for hours. Poetry pours out of me, and although it’s not particularly good poetry (OK, very little of it is good) it still shows a stimulation of creativity that I don’t usually get on a daily basis. I create characters, think of action and conflict, and even come up with names I like for my characters. There is something about Breckenridge that just fuels my creative engine.

And the downtime for reading — don’t even get me started. I bring two books, or my Nook, so I can complete at least one of the books.

There must be something in the air here that promotes writing and reading, relaxing and walking. Perhaps I expect myself to do all those things, and that helps me do them without self-imposed added pressure.

So yeah, next year I will probably also write about Breckenridge and I won’t be sorry about it at all.

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