Coloring books aren’t just for children any more.

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A few years ago, I rediscovered an old passion — coloring books.

Pretty soon, everyone else also jumped on this bandwagon. Adult coloring books appeared everywhere – from craft stores to book stores, to art stores. “The New Yoga” was the tagline for grown-ass people to indulge in a childhood pursuit.

It wasn’t really tough, to be the flag-barer for this fun, fun activity. I get that it’s a responsibility to be the first, and I take it seriously, but that’s about the only thing I take seriously. In my mind, I am the trendsetter for it. And I love, absolutely love the variety of coloring books available to us.

You can practice meditation, color the mandalas; go with nature, flowers, trees, birds and bees; color Shakespeare & Kipling; travel through coloring in Paris, New York, London, and, of course, Peducah, Kentucky. There are frolicking sea creatures, and fairy tales and fantasy landscapes; optical illusion art and architecture. But my absolute favorite pictures to color are the ultimate coloring book – swear words coloring books. Yes, I do want to use brilliant colors on every f-bomb, s-this and b-that. I feel not just creative but also naughty.

And let’s not forget the fabulous choices of colorful pencils. There are shades out there that were not available to me when I was a child. There are bright, vivid hues of pinks and blues, deep greens and florescent oranges. There are metallic colors and pearlescent colors. Plus, there are pencils that combine colors — what will they think of next?

When I am coloring, I am filled with joy. It is such a lighthearted activity, that I find myself blissfully smiling and even humming on occasion.

I have no affiliation with the global industrial coloring book empire. I am not selling them. I have no money invested in colored pencils. What I’m saying is, don’t just take my word for it. Color for yourself.

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Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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