Coming and going.

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Come as you are, as you were,

As I want you to be.

Nirvana, “Come as You Are”

For some reason, I was inspired by this song today. So, I thought I would write a poem. This poem is completely unrelated to the song, but thanks to Kurt Cobain for the inspiration — may he rest in peace. Enjoy.


You came, but you were late

And she hated you for that,

So, she threw you off the bridge,

But you swam away intact.

You came early, ran, in fact,

Still your words didn’t match your deeds,

It’s the tears that confused her,

But you really didn’t mean to laugh.

Stay or go, it matters not,

Not to those who settle bets,

Bring a bottle of perfume,

Bring another tiny vase.

I am alone in paradise,

I am surrounded in hell.

This is grinding on my nerves.

Unable to sleep, or eat, or think.

You said you would always wait,

You swore that you had never lied,

I believed you, then and now,

I entrusted you my heart.

Why’d you have to go and leave?

Why’d you have to go and die?

I will never understand,

I will not forgive this slight.

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