Day 2: Lansing, Michigan

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maltun_turkce on Pixabay. On the Michigan State University campus.

The most noticeable thing about Lansing, Michigan, to me, was how unexceptional the town seemed. This is the home of Michigan State University, bitter rivals with University of Michigan — towns located less than 60 miles, or one-hour drive, apart. Yet it seemed not so wrapped up in its collegiate status, with industrial areas, and sleepy one-family houses in its suburban complacency. True, most of the license plates carried the proud logo of the Trojans, and also true that we didn’t spend a great deal of time just driving around town — so perhaps I’m not the best person to make judgements about Lansing.

Today we went through Leslye’s storage unit. She took the shoes and a few other items, like books and a couple of outfits, and left the rest in the unit because she was told that the facility didn’t have a trash bin. Another thing the storage unit place didn’t have was bolt cutters, although Leslye was told on the phone that they would remove the lock. We wound up waiting for the locksmith — who had the devil’s own time taking off the lock. It took him more than an hour, as he tried, first, the bolt cutters, then drilling, then sawing at the lock. By the end, I’m fairly certain, it was personal for the man. When he finally succeeded, we all cheered, even Baby S, although she didn’t really know what she was cheering about.

Kim and I took turns watching the baby. I was doing my best to teach her how to pronounce my name in Russian. She is the most charming of babies, with large, liquid brown eyes and chubby cheeks that I just want to eat up. She’s walking now, like a boss, although she only started a week ago. S is an amazing little human — I adore her.

Although it wasn’t a particularly hot day, being in the sun took its toll on me, and when we sat down for dinner, in a loud restaurant, my head was on the cusp of a migraine. Eating helped though, and by the end of the meal I felt much, much better. The humidity of this area is much higher than what I am used to, and it felt great to just sit and sip icy water in luxurious air conditioning.

Tomorrow we explore the city of Toledo, Ohio. Spoiler alert: apparently Toledo is the birthplace of Gloria Steinem, glass capital of the United States, and there are beaches here. Will the wonders ever cease?

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