Dear Benjamin,

Amen! You write the truth!

Once, as I was pregnant with my first child, my friend, Lisa, came over to visit. I proudly said that I was finished with laundry. My friend, who had three children living at home at the time, shook her head, looked at me right in the eyes, & said, dead serious & earnest, “Laundry is NEVER done!”

Now that I have two children, two dogs, & an unfortunate habit of dropping everything on myself as I eat (honestly, I should just go everywhere with a bib, is this some sort of a disability, what is wrong with me?!) I am constantly reminded of Lisa’s wisdom. Laundry is NEVER done.

Your uncles’s wisdom, too, should be etched on pillows. “There’s always something to do.” Life is never just DONE. Hear, hear!

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Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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