Dear Dan,

After I read this heartbreaking story, I went back & read (don’t know why) all of your responses to other people.

First of all, sir (I mean that as a term of respect, you are not that much older, I’m 54), you should go ahead & take out that word “aspiring” from your profile. You ARE a writer, and a hell of a writer at that. Your writing is powerful because it’s honest, raw with emotion & unflinchingly brutal when it has to be. You will not look away because what you experienced wasn’t pretty. You know that as a writer your job, one of your jobs, is to exorcise those demons by getting them down on paper, damn the cost (& the cost is high).

Second of all, you are a cheerleader in this community, giving out encouragement, applause, love, laughter, support. Your kindness, in such short supply out there in that cold world, but given so freely & well here, is so appreciated! I was reading your responses and crying and laughing at the same time, just thoroughly enjoying myself.

I am so grateful that you are on Medium, Dan, at the same time that I am. It is a privilege & a pleasure to share this writing space with you. I assure you, you are a genuine article when it comes to writing!

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Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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