Dear Hawkeye,

You live in a part of the country that is, indeed, richly steeped in history. I am jealous. When I want to take a hike or even a walk in nature or a park, I have to first drive out of my suburban maze of the neighborhood. Denver is such a baby city in a young, Centennial State. Even most of the trees in the city were planted here by the people who settled here after the silver/gold rush — just drive 30 minutes east out of the city & you’ll see what the state REALLY looked like before it was settled. Sparse vegetation in this high desert. Sure, we have the Rocky Mountains, lovely to look at, an ancient range, but if I want to hike in the foothills, well, that’s 40 minutes to an an hour’s drive from my house.

Sorry, that sounded like I complained. Colorado is a gorgeous state, where most people jog, bike, walk, climb the 14ers, run marathons & live healthy lifestyles. It simply takes a bit more of an effort than just putting your shoes on — that’s what I’m jealous of. 😄

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