Dear Iva,

You go girl! Dream big, dream bold — the Universe is waiting to give you everything you want, to meet you more than half way! I don’t know how I know — I just know that only those who dare are rewarded, those who knock are permitted to enter!

I remember reading Dear Abby, a while back (dating myself here), with the person saying that they always wanted to be a doctor, but there were years of undergraduate school, then med school, then residency, etc, & they weren’t young to begin with, in 10 years they were going to be 65 by the time they finish all the schooling. And Abby asking them, simply, how old were they going to be if they didn’t go to medical school in 10 years?

So the question for you is, how are you going to live your life? Like you have been, like a hero, facing fear head on, showing the rest of us that it’s possible, it’s fucking doable to fight & roar & persevere?

Yeah, I think so! ✊🏼😀

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