Dear Jon,

What a fun read! Oh, the inhumanity of the fishes!

It reminds me of my daughter’s fish tank — when she first got it, there were 5 goldfish. By the end, there was just one survivor — his name was Nippo. After the slow-motion murder spree, he started to grow. Eventually he looked more like a koi fish, & grew to the size of the tank. That’s when we changed his name to Monster. Monster looked suspiciously like he was trying to listen in to our conversation or at the very least read our lips. I always had the feeling that he was working on trying to conquer the world but couldn’t quite figure out how to breath air.

Monster lived for almost 10 years. Even near the end, as he was floating sideways, feebly working just one fin, this giant fish looked like a heavyweight fighter.

You can’t cuddle with the fish, but they can be pretty entertaining — as your story shows.