Dear Jon,

This was such a sad post. And there I was, always thinking of London as a place where people were dancing around maypoles on every block. I have no idea where I got that image, it certainly never appeared in Masterpiece Mystery or in any of the gazillion mysteries set in London that I’ve read in my life, yet there you are— & Robert’s your mother’s brother.

Ach, don’t worry, you’ll explain everything to your son when you’ll sing that very sad song, you know the one, forgot the name, cat’s in the cradle, & the silver spoon, little boy blue & the man on the moon, during his Bar Mitzvah. Unless you’re not Jewish. Oh, then you’re just screwed. I’m kidding. Jewish humor. Who doesn’t love the Jews? (Why was the bagel crying outside his house? Some changes his lox! Why was the bagel crying outside his house? Because he is a Jew. How do we know he is a Jew? He is filled with delicious cream cheese & has a hole in the center. (The Sklarr Brothers))

Seriously, it’s tough. But, like everything, this, too, shall pass. Hope it helps. 🥺

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