Dear Jon,

Good article! Let’s just bastardize an old ad we use to have for Negro colleges — a mind is a terrible thing (I don’t add “to waste”).

Some grocery stores here have a few parking spots reserved for pregnant women. I only resent it when not pregnant. What a double standard, am I right?!? I should do a happy dance when walking by, something from the Silly Walks Department (for short, fat women) because I am NOT preggo! I don’t hate pregnant women, I just wasn’t a glowing flower of femininity & always want to do a silly walk when I remember that I’m not pregnant.

Question for you — how frequently do the trains come by? In Denver, the light rail system sucks hind tit, the train comes every 20–30 minutes. In Boston, it’s every 5, super convenient. It’s just our unemployment is low, so it’s tougher to hire drivers.

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