Dear Jon,

My Uncle Rafa (long gone & often missed) used to say that the only thing better than The Rocky Mountains are the mountains you haven’t seen yet. He was right. When we were in New Zealand, although their mountains were shorter, they were amazing. There is a range called The Incredibles — not nearly as tall, but so obviously ancient that they awed.

You must visit The Rockies! With your wife & your son (when he is older, so he can remember) you don’t even need special equipment to enjoy a simple hike. From Denver you drive into Boulder, into Chitaqua Park. There is a path, on weekends you will encounter people going up & down on your hike there, which is not too demanding. Everyone can wear tennis shoes (I believe you call them “trainers.”). So no special equipment required. It’s just a great feeling of accomplishment & a lovely, breathtaking view from the top.

Competing for a job is a lot like climbing a mountain. You do it because it’s there. You do it because it might give you an opportunity to look at things from the top. You might not reach the top, but on the plus side you won’t die in the process. The guy who timed you but didn’t listen to your story missed out on getting to know you, & hearing a sweet as story (I hope I used that Kiwi expression correctly.) But, of course, we don’t view stories like “normal” people. To us they are bread, butter & breath — life. Hopi saying is, “Those who tell stories rule the world.” There are days when “talking” to other Medium writers is the only thing that keeps my head above cold, awful waves of reality.

Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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