Dear Karthik,

Thank you for the reminder that we need to get out of our own heads, that’s where most of life happens.

On November 3, our family was going to our synagogue for Saturday morning service, in Denver, Colorado. It was a 19-year anniversary of a personal tragedy, & we were all fairly quiet, wrapped up as we were in ourselves. But when we got to Temple Sinai, we sere surprised to see a usually nearly empty lot — our 9 am service typically tops out at around 25 people — was full!

That’s when we remembered that it was a week after the Pittsburgh shooting in the Tree of Life Synagogue! Nothing takes you out of your insular little world like a national tragedy, the reminder that other people were hurting & more recently, too. Instead of being cocooned in personal grief, we were joined by people from Hindu faith, different denominations Christians & Jews & were reminded of what unites us, as opposed to what separates us.

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