Dear Lizzie,

On that note, I was thinking of a few things. We Jews have a prayer that starts with: “Author of language and light…” when talking about god. What if god IS language? And god is light — both a particle & a wave?

Then, when a boy becomes 13 & a girl 12 years old, they go through a ceremony called Bar & Bat Mitzvah, respectively. So far, so common knowledge. However, it’s not called going through the ceremony- it’s called BECOMING Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah. They become an adult in the Jewish community. Let’s take that & run with it.

What if instead of getting faith, we become god. This way, we’re not gifted with something from outside to within, we discover it within to begin with. This is is our own personal Bat Mitzvahs, our own becomings. And it’s all a matter of excavation or discovery, no matter what the method. By writing (that is, using god-like power) or painting or golf or meditation, or mindful living or any combination or something unique to each person we become divinity/Devine.

Or, I’m just writing because I haven’t journaled today yet. Oy!

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