Dear Pawan

I enjoyed your post very much, but can you please clarify something for me? I am confused about what war you’re stopping. Are you talking about the inter-generational wars we fight, like the generation that came before always slams the generation that came after it?

My mother always says that her daddy’s generation were giants, her generation was shit & mine is watered down shit. Um … thanks mom, you sure know how to compliment.

Well, we did run out of “good” wars to fight. Sure, most of the diseases were eradicated until we stopped vaccinating children & now they’re making a comeback. And yeah, the environment is going to hell really, really fast & the government is doing its best to help it get there. … I don’t think I am hurting HER argument.

I mean, you’re right. Most millennials I know have a couple of jobs each, are educated & are doing their best under pretty shitty circumstances. They don’t carry their entitlement like a trophy for all to see — if anything they are more self-aware & give back more than the previous generation.

But is it THE war?


Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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