Dear Regular guy,

Excellent post!

While I agree with everything you said — because I am not a moral midget — I am so lazy, it’s not even funny. It takes so much energy just to find varied source of good protein as a vegetarian, veganism requires that much more work. Plus, the taste. I have eaten at friends’ houses & vegan restaurants that were recommended & it was awful. In all my years of trying, the one & only thing I ever found that I liked (just liked, wouldn’t write home about, mind you) was one “chocolate” brownie. I know I am not trying hard enough, but the commitment it requires of me is far greater than I am capable of in my mid-50s, plus see above about my laziness. The fault lies in me, not in my stars. Mia culpa! Oy vey! Also, it is the most unfortunate fact that we created cows & now they will die horribly if we don’t milk them. What species, other than humans, drinks milk into adulthood? None, it’s no wonder we’re becoming more & more lactose intolerant!

As compelling & correct your article is, I must wish you luck as you leave & wave to me in your rear view mirror. The future belongs to you. Thank you for doing good for our planet.

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Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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