Dear Sarah,

I really enjoyed your article. I love reading about food, why we eat what we eat, out tastes.

I wish my diet could be more plant-based. I wish I would cook more — I enjoy it when I do cook. I wish I didn’t crave butter (unsalted, please), fast food, junk food. It’s no wonder I’m more than 100 lbs. overweight! Unlike my husband, who is normal weight, I have never, not once in my life, ever, felt like grabbing a salad, something crispy & fresh & green.

I, too, can gnaw on a bone, for a while. Coming from Soviet Union, being Ashkenazi Jew, I have what many white American-born people would consider strange dietary habits. But a lot of black folks don’t bat at eye: I love chicken gizzards & livers, chicken feet & chitterlings, gefilte fish (made from carp, that bottom feeder of a fish, usually), cartilage is delish, etc., basically Russians ate what poor people in the South ate.

As far as classy foods — once in my life I have eaten Beluga caviar. Now, I can get cheap caviar, from fish other than the Beluga whales, & often do. It’s salty & has a little snap, I like it, my daughter likes it, my parents like it ok. But the real thing, from Beluga? Oh, man! It was so mild & silky, without being fishy, like slightly, just barely salty butter. The difference between the stuff I buy for $20 a jar & $100/ounce is like the difference between apples & crates.

So after reading about the stuff I put in my body, you can understand when I say, I never judge others for what they eat. Except vegans, of course! They’re like the Hasidim of the food world. I don’t care for the extremes.

Kidding! I may be a bit too harsh in my judginess. And really, who the fuck am I to judge others, glass houses, you know! That includes vegans. Live & let live. Vive la differance! (Pardon my bastardized French.)

Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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