Dear Shannon,

Right on! Hells bells! Even a common cold isn’t “highly treatable,” never mind depression! Get three psychiatrists in a room, get a conversation going about depression and see if you don’t get seven opinions! And that’s from highly trained specialists.

But what do you expect from Hollywood? I watched the first episode of New Amsterdam, & that’s it. When they had a chance to deal with a stillbirth, something one in 1,000 women deal with, & the reprocussions on a marriage, lives, etc., they chickened out. I’m yet see a show deal with this — at least House has balls to dealt with a dead baby for a different reason & to perform an autopsy on the tiny body to learn to stop other babies from dying, well, I digress.

In any case, I expect nothing from writers in Hollywood & am rarely disappointed. I’m glad you brought up this vital issue. Depression is like fingerprints, unique to each person, difficult to diagnose at times, tough to talk about for many, meds are varied & so are side effects, nothing about it is easy or simple. And let’s not forget it’s frequent sidekick, anxiety! Whew!

Still, the import part is to start the conversation. Good on you to challenge the TV doc!

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