Dear Shannon,

I loved your article! As a Jew, the Messianic Jews made about as much sense as the Easter Bunny. Doesn’t the Christian Bible say that a man can’t serve two masters? Pick a side, any side.

I mean, of course I stand with Israel, but to say that they aren’t guilty when it comes to violating human rights, especially on the West Bank, is tantamount to plugging my ears and screaming “La la la!” It’s insane!

And Alan Dershowitz is also right when he said that not only Israel a Jewish nation, it is a Jew among nations. Most of the world is watching, holding its breath, waiting to pounce on everything & anything Israel does, to denounce & condemn.

Of course Trump is an anti-Semite! It doesn’t matter whom his daughter is married to, since when does anything but himself matter to the malignant narcissist that is our president? He doesn’t give a shit about Israel, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, or really anything else. He couldn’t find Middle East on the map anymore then he could tell anyone the 10 Commandments! He just did that to appease Pence — & you’re completely & utterly right as far as why Pence wants Jews there or how he feels about them.

In any case, I did enjoy reading the article. All the Jews I know, especially from the Soviet Union, are just sort of shaking their heads at the Jews for Jesus. “That’s a funny name for Christians,” seems to be the consensus.

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Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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