Dear Shannon,

You have such guts, you write with such raw emotion & pain about such an emotional & painful things! Good on you for fighting for your dignity & pride in a world that is doing its best every day to take them away from you!

I am filled with rage that I temper down every time I look into the earnest & ever-so-helpful eyes of my nutritionist, who is normal weight. I try to talk as fast as I can about how many carbs I ate last month, while cussing her & my genes out, in two languages, in my mind. Yet if I bite her ear off, I’ll be the bad person! Sheeet! There is just no justice in this world! I know the difference between eating broccoli & eating pizza, thank you, funnily enough I don’t crave broccoli.

But I, too, have children, who want me to stick around. Once you’re a parent, your life is no longer just your own. I’m gonna to be inspired by you, because you are INSPIRATIONAL. Amazing. Brilliant. Let no one douse your light, how else are the rest of us supposed to navigate in this darkness? Shine on, Shannon. (Say that five times fast! 😅)

Written by

Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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