Deserted island fantasy wish list.

Elena Tucker
3 min readNov 13, 2022
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It is getting closer to my time of the year, the time of cold and snow and more darkness. So, instead, for your own good, let’s go somewhere else. Let’s visit a deserted island. Let’s go there now. What esoteric things would you bring to a deserted island? Naturally, this is a fantasy list, so certain things, impossible or implausible things, are allowed. Here is what I am bringing:


I am sure that there are smells I would never tire of — smells of home and smells of babies and puppies. But, if backed into a deserted island corner (pardon my mixed metaphors), I would bring three smells with me: lilacs, coffee and that smell of rain — during and just after the rain.


It is a matter of personal taste, right? Of course. But there are movies that I can watch again and again, memorize every line, repeat it along with the actors, and never get tired of saying the lines. The movies I would watch on the deserted island would be: Raiders of the Lost Ark and My Favorite Year. Also, possibly, The Godfather, Parts I and II, but I am just being greedy on these last ones.


This one is sort of strange, because after all, we are on a (probably) tropical island. In theory, we are surrounded by fruit, bananas, coconuts, mangos, they all grow wild around us. But, since this is our fantasies, let’s get a few others in there. I love me some watermelon, blueberries and strawberries. Throw in a dollop of whipped cream to put on top of the last two, and I might never want to leave this island.


Oddball, certainly, but there are certain sounds that put us to sleep and certain sounds that help us wake up. I’m not talking about music here, that is incredibly individual and I’m not going there. I’m talking about specific sounds. I don’t know a single person, even the most ardent sun worshiper, who doesn’t love the sound of gently falling rain (or thunderstorm), so I’m not including that (although that is my top favorite sound, tied with babies’ laughter). Here are my sounds: the sound heels make on the asphalt, the crunch of snow underfoot and the sound of breaking glass (or the sound of breaking ice).

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