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It’s no secret that I love to watch TV. And I have already written about the only two reality things I enjoy watching — sports and food.

Because of the coronavirus, there are no sports anywhere in the world. That’s the shitty part. But there is still loads of cooking programs on food (likely recorded long ago) from The Food Network, to its sister channel, The Cooking Channel, to fabulous re-runs on public television that showcase cooking and travel together.

And speaking of travel, we can’t. So, to travel to exotic locations — at least in my mind — I have been near-obsessively with consuming the BBC America channel with its many shows about nature and animals from places all over the world. Sure, the nature shows about our planet can get you a bit down, what with the climate change and the humans destroying ecosystems and the generally tough, brutal conditions for animals to struggle for survival. But mostly, these shows about nature surround me with the immeasurable beauty of this planet, and the amazing resilience and adaptability that many species have. They allow me to armchair travel at a time to distant lands when I shouldn’t even be hailing a cab.

Watching shows about life in the oceans and on land, from baby animals to the wise matriarchs, is inspiring to me. Animals bring out our humanity, and after seeing their eyes, their souls, and their thoughts — no one can tell me that animals don’t feel. And they do what they have to do because they instinctively know what is required of them in life.

Animals also adapt to survive when their natural environment is stressed. Adaptability is a superpower. It’s one of the reasons we, humans, are on top of the food chain. We adapt. And it’s one of the reasons I can look forward to the future with some hope, because I know that we will eventually prevail and not the virus, that we will rebuild the economy, hug people again, defeat illnesses.

But in the meantime, there are waddling penguins and soaring eagles and darting hummingbirds. There are cheetahs and gazelles, armadillos and elephants, tigers and lions and bears, oh my! While the food channels make my mouth water and make me want to cook — the animals and exotic locales make me want to travel.

This basic rant has been brought to you by my TV meanderings. I don’t care to watch true crime (although scripted crime shows are fine, and I still miss Elementary). I do love my comedies, from stand-up specials to scripted sitcoms, and prefer them to most other shows, because I need a good laugh. TV helps to keep me fairly sane in a currently insane world — especially if I knit as I watch.

Lately, due to a general cloud of stress over the world, I find myself scatterbrained, unable to focus. Usually, when that happens, I go back to basics: meditation, counting my breath and/or listening to classical music. Obviously, I haven’t been doing those things in a while — and lack of concentration is showing in this blog. But a deadline in a deadline, so I am writing whatever I can, and hope people (other than my parents) will read me. And now, . . . for something completely different. No. Not really. I wanted to quote Monty Python Flying Circus, but I just have my own thoughts on some of what I am doing, and what I am watching to keep myself moving forward while everything seems to be standing still. ’Til next time, see you in the funny pages.

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Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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