I will write a title for this blog tomorrow.

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These are the reasons I will not write today’s blog:

It’s way too sunny. Just looking out my window, but not directly into the sun (bless my heart, I’m not that stupid), I can see that it’s a lovely day, the kind of day that demands I go for a walk during my peak writing time. What kind of a nasty, negative person would want me to sacrifice my health simply to write a silly little blog? The sun is perfect, and I will not miss out on it today.

It’s rainy. Sure, it was sunny earlier, but now it’s rainy (gotta love that Colorado spring). And anyone who’s ever read my blogs or knows me, or just knows about me, knows that I love the rain. I love everything about rain. Here, in the high desert of Colorado, any moisture coming down is a small miracle and must be appreciated. And that’s what umbrellas are for, right? And mine is supposed to be strong and boasts that it is wind proof. It’s practically begging me to use it.

Plus, I have a lot of wonderful movies and fantastic series in my Netflix and Hulu queue, and let’s face it people, they are not going to watch themselves! And let’s only mention the fact that I have 3 percent free on my DVR — if I don’t watch some of the older shows, I will not be able to record new ones that are coming out at an alarming speed. Sure, as per Jeff’s suggestion I could always just delete shows, but that’s just crazy talk.

I’m hungry, and I don’t want to waste money on fast junk, or go out to a restaurant. I need to cook, and since I don’t know how to cook simply, I will have to bring out many dishes, many spices, many utensils. Cooking properly requires time and patience, but most of all it requires dishes. Now, of course, I cannot write my blog because I have to clean up after myself. I have created a great many dirty dishes, and now it would be a good idea if I were to clean what I can and put into the dishwasher what can go into the dishwasher. And let’s not forget cleaning the stove top, because I made a proper mess all around.

I am now full and happy, but also incredibly sleepy. Please, I can’t even keep my eyes open! How am I supposed to write if I can’t see? A little nap, it won’t hurt anything, just a wee bit of shut eye. Oops, I meant to take a 30-minute nap, but wound up slumbering for an hour and a half. Ugh. I’m not good at this napping thing, now I feel all fuzzy-headed, achy and cranky. Perhaps a nap wasn’t the best idea, but hindsight is always 20/20, isn’t it?

The least I can do is some laundry. I mean, my husband has been doing it for a few days now, and I sort of feel guilty that I haven’t been carrying my fair share of housework around here. Doing the dishes helped, but let’s face it, I made those dishes dirty in the first place. Laundry is never done. There is never a break from that, and I don’t want my long-suffering husband to ever run out of patience with me.

Would you look at the time? I know I will be able to start working on my blog tomorrow — right after I go work out at the Y. But first, a few games of Sniper Arena on my phone will relax me and help me sleep better.

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