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This is the hat I am currently knitting.

Every Thursday morning, I go to a knitting group. We call ourselves The KnitWits (the Aurora, Colorado branch of the larger national group) and we are on a mission, if not from God, then at least one from the heart for a good cause.

We knit caps — beanie-style hats — for soldiers. One hundred percent wool, or other animal fibers (we have to keep in mind that the hats cannot be flammable, since they go under the helmets). We all use the same pattern, so with some minor variation in knitting styles, all the caps are the same size. Some of the hats we knit go to active duty troops and some go to Veterans Administration Hospitals (the VA). And as we don’t know which, we go with wool for all caps. We also try to avoid any really bright colors as we certainly don’t want to make an “easier target hat” for a sniper! Although some bright colors do make it to the hospitals, so those are donated as well.

The number of knitters in our group varies from week to week. In our group, all of the knitters are women, but men are welcome and some KnitWit groups have some or maybe even all men. Sometimes our knitting sessions have as few as two women, and sometimes as many as six show up, depending on people’s health, their vacations, the depth of snow outside (not a current issue), appointments, etc. In our group, we are all “mature” women (none under the age of 50). As we knit, we talk about everything: travel, TV shows, sex, health issues, children and the weather. We disagree on politics, but agree on respecting each other enough to listen to the opinions of others without insults or arguments. Sometimes we exchange recipes, offer knitting help and tips, and talk of mundane things like mortgages. It’s never boring. Even when we are just sitting and knitting together, we do so in companionable silence.

I am proud to belong to this group, this local chapter of a much larger, national program. I’m using my resources and skills to help others and my reward is … well, it’s the experience of being here knitting, with my fellow friends, The KnitWits.

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