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Writing a blog.

I wanted to write two blogs today, so the week would be covered and I could get back to the business of writing my mystery for the rest of the week. But first, I worked out in the morning, then went to the writing group, then came home. I had not showered yet, thinking I could write the blogs, then shower afterward, before I get to bed.

There I was, being very cold in my house, since I was still wearing a t-shirt and short exercise pants. It’s still January in Colorado, which means that by the time the sun dips beyond the mountains, the temperature quickly dips below freezing. You’d think that the sports bra, with its cloth material would give me a bit more warmth than a regular bra, but it wasn’t doing squidly to keep me warm. I finally put on a red cardigan over my workout clothes, and my hands warmed up enough to type.

However, my mind was still frozen. What should I write about? To help me, I perused three writing prompt books, but found no joy there. I ate dinner, and tried to think of something to write as I watched “the big football game” with my husband, who occasionally whooped and yelled in reaction to a great play. Sigh. I had already written about football and my love for the sport.

To stimulate some thoughts and get my creative juices going, I thought about going for a walk. But it was too cold for me to go for a walk, besides, I was still sore from the morning workout. I rubbed my face vigorously, then slowly massaged my forehead. Unfortunately, I felt a migraine was coming on. I thought that I should have had more than just a V-8 for breakfast, followed by a late lunch. And, I thought that I have already written about my migraines.

I thought perhaps I should take a few moments to meditate. I took a few deep breaths, counting to four on the inhale, then counting to four on the exhale. Meditating is to clear out the onslaught of thoughts and just be in the moment. But no, my problem was a lack of thoughts, not too many thoughts.

Should I write about traffic problems in Denver? Yawn.

How unseasonably warm it will be for the next few days? Please, don’t let me write about weather again!

One of my dogs has curled next to me on the sofa, a place I migrated to after walking around the house, seeking the warmest spot. I have already written about dogs before, as well.

Maybe I should my migraine medication now, before it is a full-blown event. But then, I run the risk of not sleeping until 2 or 3 in the morning, as over the counter migraine medication is just aspirin and caffeine — a lot of caffeine. Even though I am mostly caffeine-insensitive, the medicine concentrates the power of it. The pain may go away, but sleeplessness remains, so I don’t like to take the medicine close to bedtime.

Oooh, maybe I should write about sleep. I love sleep, but lately have been going to bed at an unreasonable hour and still not sleeping well. What’s that about? Perhaps a blog is not an ideal place to attempt psychotherapy. Sometimes, me rebelling against a reasonable bed time is just me being childish and stupid. There is nothing preventing me going to bed earlier, or eating healthier, or exercising more — nothing but my frequently unchecked ego getting in the way. If only I could jump out of the way as nimbly as that Heisman-winning football player my husband keeps mentioning.

I could write about my exercise class, called Body Defense. It’s simply a martial arts class, with the kicking and the punching, set to loud music. OK, so that’s done. Hmmm… that wasn’t a great topic, and I am seeing that now.

Favorite things? What kind of a tree would I be? OK, favorite color (today. I like to mix it up) — dark green. If I were a tree, I would like to be an aspen tree. I would be singular, but because I would share roots with other aspen trees, I would also be part of the community and not alone.

So, this mishmash of ideas is what happens when I begin real work of creative thought so late in the day. To be honest, that is just a convenient excuse, because it’s not like I tax my brain all that much. Yesterday, I did think about world peace, but today, not even whirled peas entered my consciousness. Yes, that was a bumper sticker I saw a while back. Envisioning the whirled peas of a blog with no theme other than my frustration in not being able to pick a good topic.

And there was the answer. It was staring me right in the face. It was my own face, in the reflection of the computer that fell asleep and therefore was a black reflective surface. No, I was not going to write about deep subjects like my inability to tell the difference between an ironic man-bun and one that was sincere — I was going to show everyone (yep, all three of my loyal readers) my creative process . . . or lack thereof. Now that my non-inspirational writing is out in the open, it’s only a matter of time until I awaken my muse. After all, like my grandfather used to say, “Appetite comes during the meals.” Inspiration will come to those who sit and wait.

Good night (or good day, depending on when you are reading this).

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Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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