Mr. Hardy,

Congratulations! That was absolutely the best vague article I’ve read in a long time! Without going into specifics, let me say, I will waste no time (not even 7 to 9 minutes) in becoming better than my mentors at mentoring, selling, publishing, getting up earlier, and yet still retaining that child-like life-long learning curiosity that we all need to become millionaires because I am absolutely not interested in making money, only in perfecting whatever it is I am creating with zeal and true passion. I am sure that my children will take care of themselves and food will magically appear on the table as I will actively pursue my muses, all my relationships will never be taken for granted as I will strive to communicate with my husband and my elderly, immigrant parents, and let’s not forget that our dogs will not only walk and pick up after themselves, they will gladly do the dishes and laundry since I will be entirely too busy learning several other languages and picking up hobbies and being deeply interested in other people along the way. Luckily, sleep or rest of any kind just makes me cranky. P. S. I was taught not to use exclamation points in my writing. Too bad! I was also taught not to use sarcasm, & that fell on deaf ears, too!

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Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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