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Rusty Alderson, a wonderful writer here on Medium, has thrown down several gauntlets to write about. I enjoy a good writing challenge, so I’m picking up some of these gauntlets and running with them.

Today, I am going to write about my bucket list. To be more precise (and honest) it’s more of a wish list. For it to become a bucket list, I need to work on said list. So, I gathered all my materials, and I have created a notebook where I have separated my list into five headings. This helpful suggestion came from a video that Rusty has included in his article.

The first area is BECOMING. Who (or what) do I want to be? I want to get an agent; become a best-selling author, or to be more precise, I would like to make an excellent living as a published writer, and in several genres. I want to write mysteries and fairy tales, screenplays and routines for stand-up comedies. I am a free woman, but I depend on the income from my husband’s job. Therefore, this boils down to one thing I want to become through my writing — independent.

The second area is ACQUIRING. What things do I want? I want a vintage, fully-loaded, red/cream colored Toyota Land Cruiser, the one that looks more like a Jeep on steroids. I don’t even know if that’s a thing any more or even in the US, but it looks like something Hemingway would have driven on the safari, and to me it’s an epitome of coolness and class.

The third area is ACCOMPLISHING. What do I want to do? I think greatest, biggest thing I want to accomplish is to become a write-a-holic. To establish an iron discipline when it comes to writing (and working out). This is the number one trait all successful writers have, and it’s the one trait (tenacity in pursuit of a dream) that I admire above all other traits. To a lesser degree, but still on this list — I would like to become a better, more prolific cook, since cooking brings me joy. And, I would like to create my own martial art. I am, slowly, working on that one, but I want to make it more of a priority. In this category, I would also include becoming a more of a morning person, and/or learning to like black coffee; developing a stronger meditation practice; learn CPR; create my own website; learn to play the violin; and learn several languages: German, Italian, Japanese, and French.

The fourth area is TRAVELING. This one is easy for me — there are so many places I want to visit I’m just going to list a bunch, in no particular order: Scotland, England, Spain, all of the Scandinavian countries, Israel, Japan, Morocco, Portugal, Germany, Ireland (again), Canada (again), Luxembourg, Belgium (let’s just say all of Europe, it’s quicker), New Zealand (again and again and again…), the Galapagos Islands, … you get the idea.

The fifth area is described as the “holding pen of all the previous items of the bucket list,” it’s IMPRINTING. What do I want to see? For me, that would be going to all four tennis majors and sitting at the Center Courts. It doesn’t have to happen in one year, but while some things on this list change and evolve, this one remains constant. I want to see Aurora Borealis; look out over the roofs of Copenhagen; fly over New Mexico in a hot air balloon; stay in a villa in Tuscany; get both New Zealand and Irish citizenships; be in a good enough shape to do a walking tour of Europe; fly first class and, at least once, on a private jet. Learn to tango with my husband, Jeff; learn archery; learn to “read” people/learn mentalism; drive a Rolls Royce (one of the old timey ones, the ones that looks like a Rolls Royce ought to look); improve my deductive and inductive reasoning; learn to compost; and never stop honing my creativity for the rest of my life.

That’s the majority of it. Now, I’m throwing the gauntlet to other writers out here on Medium — what are your bucket lists? What are your goals, your dreams? And what are doing today to begin crossing items off the list? This last question is personal — I am not only creating a list, I am also writing down steps I am going to take to bring the items on that list to fruition. Good luck to us all!

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Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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