Once more, happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! As the Russians say, “With New Year, with new happiness!” That is a direct quote, I didn’t even try to make it grammatically correct.

I have written about New Year’s before, so I’m not going to repeat myself. Anyone interested, go ahead and read it. Anyone not interested … well hell’s bells, what are you doing reading this? Go. Find and read something more to your liking.

As always, on New Year Eve, my mind turns to introspection, as opposed to the future. What have I accomplished this year? Where have I failed myself and others? What lessons can I learn from my failures as well as my victories?

Gotta say — I’m not terribly impressed with myself. It’s not that I am disappointed that I had far fewer victories than failures. It’s that looking back, what really disappointed me was my lack of trying, lack of true hard work, lack of impetus for change.

As always, I don’t make resolutions around this time. I set goals from time to time, usually one at a time. It takes me, speaking from experience, several years to reach those goals, but they are totally worth the effort. For example, it took me two years to begin flossing every day, but I do floss daily now and it’s one of the few healthy habits I have. My goal for this year, as it was for last year, is to stop being late.

I used to never be late, certainly not to work, and usually not to anything else. Somewhere along the way, I have picked up a lousy habit of being late. I don’t mind waiting for others, I always have a book, a notebook and a phone to keep myself busy. But the sheer rudeness I ascribe to myself whenever I am late for appointments or meetings, is something I am not willing to live with.

This is not an easy bad habit to shed, at least for me. For every time I am on time, or even a bit early, I am still running late three other times. This is completely psychological, and completely up to me. I don’t need nor want the extra stress it produces in my body — I want to be the one waiting for others, damn it!

And paradoxically, I also want to live with less stress, less hassle and less regret. I say “paradoxically” because changing myself is a bit of a stressful hassle. But good things, nay, great things, are worth the hassle to achieve.

So let’s raise a glass of whatever you’re drinking, Champaign or ice tea, and say a toast of gratitude. Let this year end, and let the next year not be worse!

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Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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