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Our back yard on 11/26/20

We are socked in!

My neighborhood, my town, my state has been slammed with a ferocious snow storm.

Yes, I know, I am writing about the weather again. I happen to love weather — as long as it’s not just boring sunshine. I realize that I live in a state not exactly conducive to inclement weather, we get an absurd amount of sunshine here, in Colorado. While this is good news to many, many people, it can get on my last nerve. There are times when I actually feel my soul begin to dry and shrivel a bit under Colorado’s almost relentless sunshine. That’s why whenever there is an actual blizzard that brings a foot or more of snow, it gladdens my soul.

And boy, is my soul singing right now!

This storm closed the city and county of Denver, Aurora, Boulder, and the counties around them. As usual, different parts of the city got different amounts of snow, but most of us got more than foot. The mountains got feet and feet of snow — something they desperately needed because so far this season, there has been a snow drought.

The snow, swirling in the wind, was mesmerizing. And, I also happen to love the cold this stormfront brought with it. The thing is, though, this is still Colorado. That means that yesterday, before it began to snow, it was more than 10 degrees above freezing, and the day before, it was in low 60s. This made the ground warm — major streets are, even now, not terrible to drive on. It’s the suburban streets that will take a while to clear — and we live in this suburban maze of cul-de-sacs.

I understand that I am well off — I have a house, a fireplace for just such days, the luxury of enjoying this storm rather than suffering in it. And I do not take my privileges for granted. That said, my moods are independent on any logic, and whenever it snows, I am happy. Deliriously so.

I know that I have to drive tomorrow. The problem with snow days is they end. But there is talk of another storm coming through in three more days. I realize that I run the danger of being called crazy, because I love snow so much, but maybe that ship had sailed a while back, on the waters of cold, stormy oceans — but I am really looking forward to more snow.

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