Story 32 of 100

Elena Tucker
3 min readMar 18, 2023
Photo by David Monje on Unsplash

A Reading.

Yes, I’m definitely feeling a presence here with us, in the audience, it’s a man … no, a woman, … man, woman …. uh, could be more of a hermaphrodite, yeah, strange reading there, I know, but it happens. Yes, I am getting definite masculine yet feminine undertones, starting with the letter S … or maybe R, a Ron, Ronnie, Ronald.

Donald! Yes, definitely a D … Oh, you were saying YOUR name is Donald?

Donald, is there someone close to you who passed whose name started with maybe an M … Pearl? Did I hear Pearl? No? Sorry, must have misheard. Scott? No? John? Surely a John died, could be saying Joe …that’s a common … yes, Joseph, I definitely hear Joseph trying to come through and a color yellow. He loved yellow. Wore yellow.

He was a priest. I see. Not your Joe, then. Yellow, blue, yellow, a yellow… what? Pink? The pink blanket … oh, I see, Joseph wasn’t a Joseph, but a Josie.

You called her Jo, but her name was Josie. Yes. Yes, that’s why I was confused, Josie wasn’t a hermaphrodite but a neutered cat, buried with a pink favorite blanket. OK, Josie wants you know she’s fine, she’s in kitty heaven, she’s purrfectly happy … going for some levity here, folks, trying to lighten the mood, give me a break, it’s like a funeral here. Dead silence. Haha … get it? So, Josie is being a fat cat in kitty … wherever kitties go after they pass away.

Moving on … Is there someone here who lost a loved one recently, someone who’s been sick a long time … someone old … not you madam, you’re not old. Mature, I’d call you mature. Yes, did you lose someone, oh, … I see, you’re here because you have nothing better to do… thank you for coming

… I feel another presence coming through … this one is much older, a woman, definitely a woman, and she wants someone to know that she’s not suffering any more … wait, her name is Kate or Katherine, or Ka… what? Karen, sure, Karen, no, Kira, OK. She’s gone. Oh, don’t cry … you’re not crying? Why not? She’s been suffering for too long? I understand. My condolences for your loss. Well, it looks like our hour …. I’m being told by my producer that it’s only been fifteen minutes and I can keep going … great,

I’m so happy to be helping make these connections beyond the realm of the living, but I’m…



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