Story 95 of 100

Elena Tucker
6 min readMay 21
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

A Sort of Reunion — Part 2

“Tell me, Mr. David Coltrane, what did you know and when did you know it?” Camilla asked.

“What? I don’t understand the question,” David was confused.

“I mean, was there a time when you knew you were going to make it big and how did you know you wanted to become a game designer?”

“I was good at it, it was easy and fun, I was full of ideas, and best of all — I had, and still have, good partners and friends, Brian Cantori and Julie Reznik. Without Brian and Jules, I’d still be nothing and nobody.

“You guys never fight?” Carmella was teasing, but David’s answer was absolutely serious.

“Never. Not once in all the times we’ve known each other have we ever fought. Never.”

“You’ve never disagreed on anything?”

“Disagreed? Sure, we’ve disagreed. But we’ve never argued. By that I mean we’ve never raised our voices to each other. We have never had a fight.”

Again, this earnestness. Carmella thought, he doesn’t care if I believe him or not. But he was absolutely serious on this.

“Why is that? Is this something you all agreed upon?” Carmella wanted to follow this lead because she felt like she had something there.

“It’s kind of a long story, but the short version is, we love each other,” David said. “We’ve saved each other’s lives. It’s the kind of trust that’s probably harder for you to understand because you had a mother who loved you. We only had each other, no other nurture or support, no other kindness to rely upon. See, I didn’t want to make it a long story, and now I’m making it a long story. You have a wonderful gift, getting me to want to talk. But maybe this is a story for another time?”

“Why’d you say it like that? ‘maybe this is a story for another time?’ It sounded like you were translating it from another language or something, so formal.”

David sighed, and said, “I’m tired and hungry. You want to order a pizza? It looks like it’s about to start thunder storming and our living room has a great view over the river.”

They ate a mushroom and black olive pizza and watched the storm in companiable silence. Nature’s show on display was…

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