Story 98 of 100

Elena Tucker
3 min readMay 24
Photo by ethan on Unsplash


“Dude! You’re stepping on my foot!”

“Shush! You’re so loud!”

You’re loud! Ssshhh!”

Shut. Up.

“Get off my foot!”

“Stop shoving!”

“Would you be quiet! I can hear you just fine, your mouth is right by my ear. You don’t have to shout. This is the smallest closet in the world!”

“I am whispering, you dummy! You got in here with me, I didn’t force you into it.”

“I didn’t know it was a closet without clothes or coats or anything like that. Who has a full janitor’s closet in their home?”

“Apparently, Deidra Ogilvy’s parents, that’s who. Did you see that Jaguar in the driveway? And that driveway?”

“Yeah. I saw Deidra getting dropped off by her chauffeur. Sssshhhh! I think someone’s coming!”

“Don’t shush me! You shush yourself! I told you to leave the door open a little bit.”

“You don’t think it would look weird, a door to the closet left ‘a little bit’ open?”

“I think the whole thing’s weird. Who still plays hide and seek at twelve?”

“Deidra Ogilvy. This is her twelfth birthday party. Because yesterday she was all of eleven. And you’re twelve, too. It’s not too weird.”

“Nah-uh. Well, yeah, I’m twelve now, but I’m going to be thirteen in three months. I started school at seven. Wait, I hear something too.”


“No, it’s nothing. Can you hear anyone else, either? You don’t think they all found each other and are playing without us, do you, Derek?”

“God, Joey, how did you get your freakishly giant body into this closet anyway? Tell you what, why don’t you go check?”

“What, and lose? Nah-uh. I’m not taking stupid chances, you nerd.”

“Yes, I feel like a winner all the way. You know what. This has been almost like playing Seven Minutes in Heaven, without any of the good bits. I think I will go check. Stay here and be quiet, and if you’re very, very good, you’ll win the whole game.”

Elena Tucker

Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.