TV. Too much is never enough.

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There are people living right here, among us, who don’t even own a television set. They don’t watch Netlix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc. What they do instead is read books, go on hikes, travel, paint, work their jobs, go to museums — in other words, they live their lives wide and full.

It’s not me. I love TV. I love it, and I am ashamed of loving it, but my shame doesn’t stop me.

I do not watch drama, as a general rule. Life can be sad enough, I don’t need to be reminded of that, plus, I like comedy and action.

In part, TV that I enjoy ranges from crime procedurals to sit-coms. First, there are shows that I miss dearly, shows like Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent — such excellent writing, superior acting, and the Vincent D’Onofrio’s character, Detective Goren, was the closest thing to Sherlock Holmes I had. Plus, the law problems were realistic (no one was suing God, a la Allie McBeal). I watched the original L & O series, and caught them in reruns as well, and I remembered a little too well the story lines, so when the British Law & Order came out, I knew who done it entirely too clearly. Still, I enjoyed it, especially the “M’lord!” “M’lady!” for the judges, a foreign concept for this American.

Another show I miss is Frazier. The show continued the character from Cheers, and did so brilliantly. The whole cast, along with incredible writing, was superior. In the 11 years the show was on the air, the quality never went down. Ridiculously funny without ever dumbing it down for the viewers.

I miss Major Crimes (started out as The Closer, which I also loved) became different when the main character left, and replaced with another character), Community, Friends, The Jared Carmichael Show, How I Met Your Mother, Monk, Psych, The Finder, Happy Endings, and Grimm. I’m sure there are more shows that I miss, but I am getting myself depressed here, so I’m moving on.

Of course, I love Elementary. Any show with The Great Detective is a show I adore. This is the last season, so I sort of feel like I should be wearing black, and mourning loudly, but seriously, my heart is breaking. I even have two ideas for fan fiction episodes, but I am going to keep them to myself since you never know when I might actually use them in the future.

I love The Good Place, Mr. Robot, Modern Family, iZombie, The Simpsons, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Single Parents, American Housewife, Westworld, Happy!, Discovery, The Orville, Masterpiece Mystery, Doctor Who, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Killjoys, Arrested Development, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, etc. My list is extensive.

Hey, please don’t judge me. We all have our vices, all right, so don’t be casting the first rock at me. I may sound defensive, but only because I am. It goes deeper than that. Some of my shows (like The Finder) have send to me read books they were based on, others books come after the TV shows had finished their runs (I’m loving the Monk series). I’m pretty sure that I quote The Simpsons a lot more than I do Shakespeare.

I knit when I watch TV, this way it feels as if I’m not just sitting here on my ass — I’m actually doing something productive.

My husband challenges me to drop as many shows as possible, but I treat my DVR almost like a game. I fill it up and then feel compelled to watch as many shows as possible.

Perhaps Groucho Marx said it best: “I find TV very educational. Every time someone turns it on, I go to another room and read.” I wish I could follow his advice, but I just love TV too much.

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Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

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