Where have you gone, Jon Scott?

Elena Tucker
3 min readSep 29, 2023
Photo by youssef naddam on Unsplash

How do you look for a missing person in London, England when you live in Denver, Colorado?

I have a friend, here on Medium. His name is Jon Scott. But perhaps I should start in the beginning.

I started writing on Medium soon after I started reading people on Medium. Once in a while I write a blog about everyone I love here, and pretty much one writer tops my list — Jon Scott.

Jon Scott is English. He works in London. He takes two trains to make it to work and lives in a house older than the Reformation. I, and anyone who’s ever read Jon, becomes his fan. His style is effervescent. And that is saying something, especially for someone who writes on the platform he created as the Manic Depressive Handbook.

Except that he’s not on Medium any more. Once you’re not on Medium, you are disappeared from Medium. Everything you’ve ever written, even commented on, is erased. Nothing is saved. All is gone — poof, you vanish into the ether — just as if your name happened to be Keyser Soze.

Ordinarily, not being able to read one of my favorite writers would just depress me. But, I think of Jon a friend. Or, at least, as much of a friend as I can be, considering that I can pass him on a street and not recognize him, since there was just a drawing of him, and not a photograph accompanying his profile. I…



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