Wow. Chris in the mornings, from Northern Exposure, was right. Being human is a complicated gig. We’ve all been there. I sit on the perch of being 54 years old, & feeling despair is not new. Neither is feeling joy, loneliness, depression, elation, holiness, worthlessness, hopelessness, remorse, apathy, self-loathing followed by self-love — all of the above in in the span of one day! (Maybe I should change my meds?) But in all seriousness, owning all of yourself, your shame, humiliation, mistakes (lord, so many, many mistakes!) & things I got right, some even on purpose, ain’t easy. But I am no politician. I do it.

Thank you for the tremendous & the tremendously well-written article. I’m saving it & sending it to all my friends. ‘Cause we’re all human.

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